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Symmetry Software Names Elizabeth Oviedo as Chief Executive Officer, Founder and CEO Tom Reahard Transitions to Chairman

Symmetry Software has announced that it has appointed Elizabeth Oviedo as Chief Executive Officer. Elizabeth previously held the Chief Strategy Officer position and is the second CEO to be announced in the over 37 years of Symmetry Software's history.

National Payroll Week® (NPW) celebration, September 7-11

This year's NPW 2020 theme is "Paylympics," which is all about celebrating Team Payroll USA members as they bring home the gold by being the best in their field through hard work, training, and dedication.

Our Favorite Time of the Year!

At Symmetry Software, we are always looking forward to seeing our friends at APA Congress. This year we are excited to meet with you all virtually at Congress Xstream!

COVID-19 Stimulus Payments and Scams

In late March, President Trump approved and signed the $2 trillion stimulus package allowing eligible Americans to receive a stimulus payment during these difficult times. The government has finally determined how these payments will be distributed, and you should know how to find out if you're qualified.

Symmetry Software Support During COVID-19

In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has already created dramatic changes in payroll departments. As this national emergency continues to evolve, employers and payroll departments need to continue to make the necessary modifications.

COVID-19 Update: Symmetry Software’s Commitment to Customers

As everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that Symmetry Software is committed to supporting our customers and their businesses during this time.

Calculate or Compare 2019 or 2020 W-4 Results With the Multi-State Calculator

We are excited to announce new Calculators By Symmetry features that allow employees to calculate paychecks using either the 2019 or 2020 W-4 as well as compare 2019 to 2020 W-4 results side by side.

Welcome to National Payroll Week 2019!

Symmetry Software would like to especially take this time to personally thank all the dedicated payroll professionals who work behind the scenes as silent and invisible partners in the payroll tax process.

Tips for Your Paycheck Check-ups

Symmetry Software celebrates National Payroll Week by offering free paycheck calculators and tips for better understanding your paycheck.

NPW - Getting Paid in America

National Payroll Week is coming up quickly! Find out how you could win an extra paycheck!

The Latest and Greatest: The Symmetry Tax Engine 2

This year we are excited to introduce you to our newest version: The Symmetry Tax Engine 2.

Why We Love IPPA (and You Should Too!)

Symmetry Software will be attending as a Platinum Sponsor to the 2019 IPPA Sales and Marketing Conference.

How Symmetry Software Gets the Right Taxes with Geolocation

Zach's Tech Tip: Hiding Exemption Fields on Calculators by Symmetry

Want a tip on making your Calculators by Symmetry product more user-friendly?

Symmetry Tech Tip: Hidden Features in Symmetry Payroll Forms

Ready for another Symmetry Software Tech Tip?

Symmetry Tech Tip: The Helper Pages in Symmetry Payroll Forms

Symmetry Payroll Forms now offers "Helper" pages to collect new employee personal information.

What Entry Level Workers Make In Different Fields

Entry level employees have the potential to make a sizable wage depending on what field they choose.

Q&A with a Minimum Wage Expert

Symmetry Software asks a minimum wage expert the necessary questions to help tackle this pesky payroll topic.

A Question of Accuracy: ZIP Codes vs. Latitude and Longitude

Zip codes do not always provide the relevant information for payroll. Latitude and longitude coordinates are much more reliable for processing payroll.

Q & A with a JEDD Master

A JEDD is a Joint Economic Development District, and can only be found in Ohio.

New Discussion Board is a Community - Not Just a Forum

Best Practices for Using the New Calculators by Symmetry

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