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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Trick or Treat?

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close, you should still make sure you and your team are looking out for potential email threats. Symmetry Software hopes you and your team stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Staying Up To Date

Keeping your technology devices up to date has many purposes, including your software's overall stability and keeping you safe from hackers. This month, in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Symmetry Software wants to make sure your computer is up to date and safe from hackers.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Office 365 Phishing Attempts

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the perfect time to participate in this year's theme: "Do Your Part" and #BeCyberSmart! You can use this month to ensure your company has the most up-to-date training to keep everyone safe! 2020 has presented many workplace changes, and as we continue navigating through the year, cyber threats continue evolving.

Indiana's Tax System Make Over

Indiana's Department of Revenue is taking a huge step to modernize its tax system with Project NextDOR. Project NextDOR was created to systematically upgrade Indiana's tax system to the Indiana TaxPayer Information Management Engine using a four-phase process.

Tax Day Doesn't Mean the Scams are Over

There are many different ways tax scammers will contact you. Be on the lookout for one form of contact that has increased in recent years.

Be Prepared This Tax Season for W2 Phishing Scams

Stay safe this tax season by protecting the confidential information on your W4.

Who Needs a Tax Engine?

A tax engine is a piece of payroll tax software that calculates every payroll tax imaginable.

How Payroll Point Processes a Shapefile

Payroll Point - a local tax identifier - processes shapefiles through the help of geocoding.

What is Payroll Tax Software?

Payroll tax withholding software is a complex set of software programs an enterprise, payroll provider, or HCM users to determine the correct amount of tax to withhold from their staff’s paychecks

Payroll Security Holes and How to Close Them

The payroll department has always required a heightened level of security.

How Symmetry Payroll Forms "Guide Me" Can Help Your Clients

The Guide Me feature in Symmetry Software's online withholding forms ensures employees fill out the correct electronic withholding form the first time.

Why Geocoding Matters in Your Forms Process

Geocoding converts addresses, like a home address, into geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude.

Why Employers - And Their Employees - Need Online Forms

Online withholding forms allow employees to complete the form (federal, state, and local) using the device of their choice saving paper and headaches.

How A Software Test Engineer Ensures A Product Is Ready

Software testing is the process of ensuring a software program’s quality and usability by finding bugs and issues and fixing them before a product's launch.

Blockchain Basics: The Technology And Mechanics Behind It

Here's our breakdown of this innovative technology.

Decoding Authorization and Authentication

Authentication answers the question: “Who is allowed?” Authorization answers: “What is that person allowed to do?”

Cloud vs On Premise: A Breakdown

Cloud computing (or “the cloud”) is the practice of storing and accessing data on remote servers hosted on the internet while on-premise solutions store data locally.

What Jobs Are At Risk For Artificial Intelligence Takeover?

What was used to be common blue collar jobs, like factory workers and cashiers, are quickly being replaced by artificial intelligence and robots.

2017 Tech Trends in Payroll

Payroll and payroll management are being affected every day by technology trends every day - automating taxes and making processes easier.

The Cloud: What it is and How to Stay Payroll Compliant

The cloud is a network of servers, each with different functions.

Managing Your Passwords

Password managers are software applications or services that allow you to build a directory of the applications/sites that you access, the login ID, and password used to sign in and helps organize these details.

Business Expenses Made Easier with Mobile Apps

A high volume of free apps is available. Do a little browsing and see what works best for you. Happy travels!

Is Your Wi-Fi Ready for Business?

If your business has an old wireless infrastructure (or no wi-fi capability at all) you run the risk of not being able to handle the computing needs of a changing environment.

Digitize Your Docs

Digitize your docs to increase efficiency and company workflow.

Understanding Cloud-based vs. Local/Network Data Storage

There are many advantages to a cloud based network, as opposed to a local network data storage infrastructure.

Top 10 Chrome Browser Extensions You Should Try

Many extensions have versions for other browsers and for mobile devices, so be sure to check the devices you utilize to make you’re browsing faster and easier.

Securing Your Home Computing Environment

Keeping your home computing environment secure is important to protect your information from digital intruders.

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