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The Challenge

In 2002, Patricia Bennett, an already experienced technology executive and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expert, devoted her time as a stay-at-home mom. But she also saw an opportunity to jump back into the business game after a competitor purchased a popular accounting software firm, removing some of its core functionality. In 2003, she convinced her husband and software developer Chris Bennett to join her in the business to begin delivering a full ERP platform with end-to-end business services.    

The Search

In 2010, PC Bennett's focus shifted from building on the past successes to working with Acumatica – a cloud ERP solution. While a robust offering, Acumatica was missing a key component: payroll. In 2013, PC Bennett signed a deal to write payroll for Acumatica, and within the year, PC Bennett became a full provider and Gold Certified Partner for Acumatica. However, while eager to enhance and sell Acumatica, PC Bennett did not want to get into the tax business. After discovering the frequency and urgency of tax rate changes, they knew they needed to seek help from a third party.  

"By 2013, we were looking for a way to provide a payroll solution to everyone in the US without a full-time person to keep up with tax changes. That's why the Tax Engine appealed to us."- Patricia Bennett, CEO and Founder

PC Bennett's Solution: The Symmetry Tax Engine

After researching online and talking to similar companies at conferences, PC Bennett discovered the Symmetry Tax Engine. The Tax Engine is a powerful calculator that processes every payroll tax imaginable, including Federal, FICA, state withholdings for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, US Territories, select local taxes, and various other payroll-related deductions. The Tax Engine provided PC Bennett the tools needed to create the payroll application within Acumatica. PC Bennett built the application while building the integration for the Tax Engine simultaneously by installing the Engine on premise and creating their mechanism to make calls to the tax tables. So far, the team has had no issues with Symmetry. In fact, they've experienced responsiveness and solid business acumen. As of 2018, PC Bennett offers the full Acumatica product to its clients.  

About PC Bennett:

PC Bennett Solutions is a company focused on all things Acumatica ERP. They implement, train, customize, and support Acumatica ERP.  Their professional staff works with customers from various industries who want to optimize their operations and do more with less. 


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