Client Stories

By integrating Calculators by Symmetry, Royal United Mortgage was able to build a new tool directly within their Loan Origination System to run residual income calculations and determine what borrowers qualify for when they go into loan underwriting. Calculators by Symmetry significantly improved the customer experience and time management, saving them money and protecting their margins.

Speak to an expert to see how embedding the correct payroll APIs and tax withholding software can significantly impact your business.

  • Netchex

    Netchex is now able to focus on the critical components of their applications while the Symmetry Tax Engine and Symmetry Payroll Forms help maintain compliance within their integrated solutions.

  • Metra

    The team at Metra came to Symmetry Software with specific goals in mind, learning the steps it took to integrate the Symmetry Tax Engine into their current payroll system and keep compliant and accurate payroll for their large employee count.

  • SplashTrack, LLC

    SplashTrack, LLC has saved both time and money by partnering with Symmetry Software to improve its custom-built Human Resources Information and Management System. Gone are the days of frustration with complicated, outdated payroll processing software.

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