BCD Travel | Local Tax Research Success Story
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"Time spent researching local taxes has been cut in half since implementing Payroll Point."
Linda Adams, Assistant Manager Tax and General Ledger

The Challenge

With 40% of its workforce virtual, BCD Travel employees live in almost every state in America, with many relocating frequently. Constant changes in employees' addresses and local tax requirements proved challenging for BCD Travel, particularly for the over 200 employees living and working in various locations in Pennsylvania, a state with highly complex local tax laws. 

The Search

BCD Travel needed an automated and centralized system to capture state and local tax information that took into account state reciprocity so payroll specialists could accurately set up payroll withholding for each employee. With the passing of Pennsylvania Act 32 into law, BCD Travel was also looking for a long term solution for withholding and reporting local tax information. 

"For BCD Travel, with Payroll Point, what was once a job for two people is now an automated, accurate process." - Linda Adams, Assistant Manager Tax and General Ledger

BCD Travel's Solution: Payroll Point

BCD Travel found the answer to this challenge in Symmetry Software's Payroll Point Pro, which streamlined and automated the process of determining which state and local taxes applied to each employee. As the reference point for BCD Travel's payroll specialists, Linda Adams previously had to look up local tax information for every single new hire and address change, a process that amounted to over 1300 transactions each year. With Payroll Point calculating taxes based on an employee's geocoded home and work addresses, taking into consideration nexus and reciprocity, Adams estimates that her time researching local taxes has been cut in half. Furthermore, Payroll Point ensures accurate tax setup resulting in fewer errors on employee's paychecks in terms of incorrect tax setup and fewer W2 correction forms submitted during tax season. 

Payroll Point has also enabled BCD Travel's payroll department to better serve BCD Travel employees with a faster turnaround on paychecks with accurate calculations, allowing employees to focus on the travel business instead of their paychecks. In addition, with Payroll Point, payroll specialists complete the new hire setup process much faster than before, allowing employees to function in their role in their first 24 hours of employment with BCD travel. The "batch" feature of Payroll Point helped BCD Travel to audit their payroll tax information for over 200 employees living and working in Pennsylvania at one time, allowing them to meet deadlines with confidence, and no worries that they were complying with Pennsylvania Act 32 guidelines and W2 reporting requirements. 

Adams also notes Payroll Point increased payroll specialists' exposure to and knowledge of local withholding requirements as approximately 35% of BCD Travel's workforce at any given time requires the use of Payroll Point to determine the proper withholding settings. Since implementing Payroll Point, BCD Travel's payroll specialists have functioned more independently than ever. 

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