Samsung Electronics | Local Tax Look Up Success Story
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"Payroll Point has saved Samsung Electronics an estimated $50,000 per year because of correct tax filing without penalties or amendments."
Kenneth Klimick, Payroll Manager

The Challenge

Samsung Electronics, a multi-billion dollar electronic and communications retailer and manufacturer with thousands of employees in different states, needed help with local and state tax withholding. The payroll department was manually searching to find the proper state and local tax withholding rates, and desperately needed a way to make the search faster, easier, and more accurate.

The Search

Payroll Point stood out to Samsung Electronics from the beginning of their search, because of the accuracy and dependable technology embedded in the product. Specifically, the geocoding aspect of Payroll Point, which pinpoints the exact latitude and longitude of a location, was a huge benefit to trying the product. The payroll department at Samsung hoped to drastically decrease the time spent searching for local taxes in complicated states, like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

"Payroll Point is a vital product to Samsung Electronics." - Kenneth Klimik, Payroll Manager

Samsung’s Solution: Payroll Point

Payroll Point became the trusted solution for Samsung Electronics to properly identify various state and local taxes in different jurisdictions. Now, members of the payroll department are able to enter an address, and Payroll Point gives the proper tax jurisdiction almost instantaneously. Ultimately, the ease of use and the knowledge that Payroll Point is helping Samsung decrease payroll amendments, is enough to call the product a “win”. Using Payroll Point is much easier for the payroll department, and more efficient than manually searching and entering proper tax withholdings for multiple jurisdictions.

About Samsung Electronics:

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