DOL Final Rule Halted Due to Regulatory Freeze

Onboarding in a Remote Work Environment

Since COVID-19 has caused many companies to introduce a remote work environment, the workspace we may have been used to prior to last year has changed drastically. When onboarding a new hire while in a remote work environment, managers and onboarding personnel should know the best ways to keep them engaged and excited about their new journey.

The New Child Tax Credit for 2021

The new Child Tax Credit is part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to support families. Eligible individuals must meet certain requirements to receive payments beginning in July.

Symmetry Software Names Elizabeth Oviedo as Chief Executive Officer, Founder and CEO Tom Reahard Transitions to Chairman

Symmetry Software has announced that it has appointed Elizabeth Oviedo as Chief Executive Officer. Elizabeth previously held the Chief Strategy Officer position and is the second CEO to be announced in the over 37 years of Symmetry Software's history.

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