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Your tax return was rejected. What now?

by Symmetry Tax Updates | Apr 23, 2019

Tax Day has passed and, hopefully, your taxes were filed on time and approved. While some may still be waiting on their final word of approval, others have already received it.

If your tax return was rejected, you're not alone. Many people unknowingly make small mistakes when filing their taxes. A mistake can be as simple as a spelling error, miscalculation or forgetting to attach a form; however, the IRS will typically fix a small calculation for you. Once you receive a notice of rejection, it is critical to check it quickly for your deadline and the complexity of the errors. If your deadline is in five days and you need to attach a form, it may be challenging to gather the information in such a short period. Sometimes, the IRS will require you to mail the form in by a particular time. Either way, make sure you are working on the corrections as soon as possible.

It is necessary to mention that you are not filing an amended tax return in this situation. You should only send an amended return if your filing status has changed. When you receive your rejection notice, the IRS will include precise directions. They will often have you attach the form you missed or fill out a different form to clarify the information you originally submitted.

What happens if you don't file your taxes before April 15th?  While there is a slim chance the IRS will file a substitute return for you, it is not suggested. If they file a substitute return, you won't receive the same deductions or exemptions. You could be charged an interest or penalty fee if you don't file costing you more money than you could have received in return. You will also stop earning retirement funds and disability benefits during this time.

It is suggested to try to file your taxes as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Before filing your tax return, make sure you have all of the additional forms you may need. Carefully type or write your information and be sure to double check it. When you receive a review of your tax return, open it immediately. It will be less stressful handling these situations fast and early in the process.

If you owe more taxes than you expect or desire, use our Calculators by Symmetry to easily run different scenarios so you are not alarmed on Tax Day.

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