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Tax Day Doesn't Mean the Scams are Over

by Symmetry Tax Updates | Feb 22, 2019
In a previous article we warned readers of W-2 phishing scams during tax season. You should know that these scammers do not take a break after Tax Day. They are busy year-round!
After Tax Day, scammers may reach out by phone and attempt to convince you that you still owe money to the IRS. These calls may demand urgency and threaten that you will be arrested soon if you do not pay. They may also threaten the suspension of your business license or driver's license. If you question them, they will increase the urgency and avoid your questions, or they will fake their identity and give you a false IRS identification number. These calls may even look like they are coming from a trusted phone number, but don't be fooled!
There are many different ways these scammers will contact you, and we try to warn you as much as we can. However, their tactics advance each year. If you are concerned about a call, there are a few ways to tell if it is a scam. For starters, the IRS will never ask you to give your credit card or debit card information through a phone call. They will not ask you to send unusual forms of payment such as pre-paid debit cards, gift cards or wire transfers. These forms of payment are commonly asked for by scammers. The IRS will not demand immediate payment, threaten you, or avoid your questions of concern. Most importantly, if you have not received a notification in the mail from the IRS, then they have no reason to call you yet.
We want you to be safe this tax season and avoid losing your money to scammers. Report phone scams here and if you do fall into a trap, know that you weren't the only one.
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