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Why Geocoding Matters in Your Forms Process

by User Not Found | Mar 27, 2018
Geocoding adds value by means of total address accuracy.

Imagine being a national company hiring hundreds of new employees weekly. The amount of paperwork alone is frightening. Ensuring that paperwork is correct for payroll is even scarier. 


To withhold the precise amount of taxes from each employee’s paycheck, that employee must fill out the right forms properly. Different factors, such as an employee’s home and work address as well as your business’s address, are key to establishing proper withholding. In some areas in the United States, this is simple. In others, local taxes and forms complicate the matter. 


Enter the process of geocoding.


What is Geocoding


Geocoding converts addresses, like a home address, into geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude. Symmetry Software compares these coordinates to complex tax boundary shapefiles, and delivers the most complicated local tax rates and forms. State-to-state reciprocity agreements (an agreement between two states to lower the tax burden on employees) are built into our products to ensure the correct state and local withholding forms. This feature specifically enhances Symmetry Payroll Forms - online withholding forms that are 100% compliant. 


Symmetry Payroll Forms


With Symmetry Payroll Forms, employees prepare their forms online with powerful, geocoding-enabled technology. Users either select their forms from a list or going through Symmetry Payroll Forms’ guided process. Symmetry maintains all federal, state, and local forms and updates the records monthly. 

Everything Symmetry produces begins with an employee and employer’s address and the geocoding power behind it. Exact withholding settings and forms reduce tax jurisdiction notices, employee tax corrections, and W-2Cs -- an employee corrected W-2 form. Accurate withholding helps smooth onboarding processes, and maintain employee well-being.