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Zach's Tech Tip: Hiding Exemption Fields on Calculators by Symmetry

by Zach Holdren | Aug 08, 2017
Want a tip on making your Calculators by Symmetry product more user-friendly?
For many preset custom deductions, it does not make sense to allow the ability to change whether a deduction is exempt from federal, state, or local taxes.  An HSA deduction is always exempt from federal taxes so why allow the ability to change the exemption status?


Well, good news.
These fields can be removed from the calculator so the exemption status cannot be altered, making a dramatic difference in usability. The length of the calculator will be shortened, meaning less scrolling, and faster loading.


Another added benefit is only deductions with a value will display in the results of the calculation making the results easier to read.



If you would like the exemption fields on the custom deductions hidden on your calculators or have any questions, please send an email to