Our story

The infrastructure for software and payroll platforms powering the paychecks of over 64M+ workers.

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    Our Mission

    To reach every American paycheck with accurate withholding and accelerate compliance with a technology-first approach to payroll taxes. In other words, to help you get “the right taxes the first time®.”

  • Our Promise

    With 40 years of expertise in tax compliance, Symmetry Software will deliver efficient and dependable solutions as well as experienced and friendly customer service.

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    Our Vision

    Create payroll technology to solve tax compliance issues and build applications across the entirety of the payroll process. Powered by deep tax compliance relationships enabled by technology.

Modern technology that
developers love + compliance teams trust.

Our milestones.

Since 1984, Symmetry has focused on our connections and partnerships with clients as our products have become more innovative and dependable with every step of our journey.

  1. 1984
    Tom Reahard starts Teknon Corporation
  2. 1989
    Teknon purchases Symmetry Software, a small Macintosh Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

    Symmetry develops and sells a Macintosh outliner in Japan through its exclusive distributor, Polaroid Computing. This outlining product, known as Acta, is often in the top ten business products in the Japanese market.

  1. 1995
    NetPayPlus, the original paycheck calculator, launches in disk form
  2. 1995
    Symmetry Software opens a European development office in Bratislava, Slovakia
  3. 1996
    Symmetry makes the tax resources behind our products freely available on Payroll-Taxes.com

    Payroll-taxes.com held the number one organic listing on Google search for a decade.

  4. 1997
    Symmetry launches The Tax Table Library (TTL)

    TTL allows companies to calculate payroll taxes with their own software applications. The TTL is precursor to the Symmetry Tax Engine. Symmetry still has original TTL clients who have spent over 20 years building their products on the strength of Symmetry.

  1. 2000
    Symmetry retires the NetPayPlus calculators and launches PaycheckCity.com, making the paycheck calculators available for free
  2. 2001
    Private-label calculators begin to sell

    PaycheckCity users begin to call in wanting to customize the look, navigation, and content of the calculators for their employee self-service portals. Symmetry develops specialty calculators for pay conversion, dual-scenario, final pay, tip calculators, and more.

  3. 2003
    Symmetry debuts the Employee Exemption Certificate Software Development Kit (EEC SDK) and website StateW4.com

    The first client for the EEC is Walmart whereby Walmart associates all onboard to Walmart using Symmetry’s forms.

  4. 2004
    Symmetry Software celebrates 20 years of business!
  5. 2006
    The Symmetry Tax Engine is unveiled

    A major feature enhancement from the TTL includes the ability to do multi-state calculations, a must-have for payroll service providers processing payroll across the country.

  6. 2007
    The Phoenix Business Journal features “Code Warrior,” Tom Reahard
  7. 2009
    Tom Reahard starts and runs “Calculators for Kids”

    For over eight years, Symmetry donates thousands of scientific graphing calculators to Arizona Title 1 schools.

  1. 2010
    Payroll Point launches

    Symmetry creates a tool that identifies local taxes based on the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of home and work addresses.

  2. 2011
    Payroll Point Web Service launches

    Payroll Point allows integration directly into your application via XML.

  3. 2013
    Symmetry Payroll Forms launches

    Symmetry Payroll Forms replaces the EEC SDK. A Hosted version launches shortly afterwards.

  4. 2013
    Symmetry Software is a finalist for the W.P. Carey Spirit of Enterprise Awards

    The annual awards recognize Arizona-based companies for ethics, energy, and excellence in entrepreneurship.

  5. 2016
    Calculators by Symmetry launches

    Symmetry redesigns its paycheck calculators and rebrands PaycheckCity private-label calculators as Calculators by Symmetry.

  6. 2017
    PaycheckCity Profiles launches

    Fulfilling long-standing user requests such as the ability to save employee profiles and calculations.

  7. 2017
    Tom Reahard is awarded the Lou Grubbs Friends Fore Golf Spirit Award
  8. 2019
    The Symmetry Tax Engine 2 launches

    Simplifying the methods to call the tax engine and increasing security features. Both an on-premise SDK and Hosted Web API version are launched.

  9. 2019
    PaycheckCity expands website

    More payroll and small-business resources are added, combining StateW4.com and Payroll-taxes.com into one resource for payroll tax research and paycheck calculators.

  1. 2020
    PaycheckCity Profiles becomes PaycheckCity Payroll

    The self-service payroll app is redesigned and has more payroll features added including a new onboarding experience.

  2. 2020
    A new symmetry.com launches

    Bringing with it a wealth of additional resources to existing and prospective Symmetry clients.

  3. 2020
    Symmetry Software launches Canadian Symmetry Tax Engine

    Symmetry Tax Engine expands support to Canada.

  4. 2021
    Symmetry Software names Elizabeth Oviedo as Chief Executive Officer

    Founder and CEO Tom Reahard Transitions to Chairman. Elizabeth previously held the Chief Strategy Officer position and is the second CEO to be announced in the over 37 years of Symmetry Software's history.

  5. 2021
    Symmetry Software named as one of Inc.'s 2021 Best Workplaces
  6. 2021
    Symmetry Software joins Gusto

    To continue our mission to ensure that employee paychecks have the right taxes the first time.

  7. 2021
    Symmetry Software announces new UI & API for Symmetry Payroll Point
  8. 2022
    Symmetry Software launches Symmetry Select

    Which provides clients with a dedicated Symmetry Relationship Manager as a single point of contact for oversight of key client strategic initiatives.

  9. 2022
    Symmetry Software launches Webhooks by Symmetry

    Webhooks by Symmetry allows clients to create custom webhooks for their application to stay in sync with payroll tax updates from the Symmetry Tax Engine API

  10. 2023
    Symmetry Software launches Canadian Symmetry Payroll Forms

    Symmetry Payroll Forms expands support to Canada.

Our memberships.

Symmetry Software stays active in the payroll community so that we can be notified of all significant events as soon as possible. We also enjoy contributing to these organizations by sponsoring different events.

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