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What is tax withholding software? 

Payroll tax withholding software is a complex set of software programs that a company or payroll provider uses to determine the correct amount of tax to withhold from each employee’s paycheck. Different programs ranging from online withholding forms to federal, state, and local tax look-up tools all help ensure a payroll professional is properly managing employee and employer taxes. 

About Us

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In 1984, Symmetry Software sold one product, and was run solely by software pioneer, Tom Reahard. Today, Reahard has transformed the company into a leader in payroll-related technology applications that simplify the payroll process from start to finish. Over 30 years of creating and innovating in the software and technology landscape positioned Symmetry into such a role. Under the guidance of Reahard, the Symmetry Software team continues to diligently provide leading edge and regulatory compliant products, including the following: The Symmetry Tax Engine, Payroll Point, Symmetry Payroll Forms, and Calculators by Symmetry.

Symmetry Software is also the company behind the popular, free website PaycheckCity.com, which helps millions of Americans calculate their paycheck each month.