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Netchex Case Study
"The staff at Symmetry Software is professional, thorough and sincere. Good people that want to do the best for their customer."
Will Boudreaux, Founder and CEO

The Challenge

Netchex provides a number of tax and HR services, ranging from time and attendance programs to a full-service platform. The entire company focuses on some portion of payroll, including dealing with multiple states and complicated local taxes. Founder and CEO Will Boudreaux prides himself knowing his company serves the people first – which is why, even though they could have built the product themselves, they chose to partner with Symmetry Software to help with their automating tax forms within their onboarding platform. 

The Search

Netchex knew writing its own code was doable, but the company’s bandwidth was stretched too thin, and ongoing maintenance quickly turned the staff off. Already familiar with PaycheckCity – Symmetry Software’s free paycheck calculator website for average Americans – Boudreaux met Jon Bohnert as a referral in 2009, and quickly ran a trial of the Symmetry Tax Engine (STE). After seeing success, Netchex became an official customer in 2012, with Senior Account Executive Troy Prosser lending his assistance. 

"Symmetry Software had a very detailed integration guide and a phenomenal technical staff that allowed us to get to market much quicker than if we had tried to tackle this on our own."- Will Boudreaux , Founder and CEO

Netchex's Solution: Symmetry Tax Engine, Symmetry Payroll Forms 

With the STE and Symmetry Payroll Forms, Netchex was able to complete their onboarding solution and keep it running compliantly since 2012. According to Boudreaux, the Symmetry team took the time to understand their unique needs before introducing them to the two products they ultimately licensed. Collaborating with Symmetry allows Netchex to focus on other critical components of their application while maintaining a flexible product that quickly integrated within their solutions. 

About Netchex:

Founded by two executives in the payroll industry working for a publicly traded firm, Will Boudreaux and Stuart Ethridge decided to take on the giants and change the experience of payroll outsourcing. Embracing three tenets – web integration for technology, accountability for service, and value for price delivery, Netchex set out to tell its story and execute one relationship at a time.


Symmetry Tax Engine, Symmetry Payroll Forms

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