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How Many Working Days Are In A Year?

by User Not Found | Nov 13, 2017
Here's how many days a year your employees will work.

How many days - not including holidays and vacation - do full time employees work? In the United States, the number is relatively high, averaging 260 days per year. It can change depending on year. For example, come leap years there is a potential extra workday, should it land during the business week.

Here’s a breakdown for 2017:

January: 22 working days.
February: 20.
March: 23.
April: 20.
May: 23.
June: 22.
July: 21.
August: 23.
September: 21.
October: 22.
November: 22.
December: 21.

Some states differ from the typical 260, however. Due to statewide recognized holidays and other matters, places like Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, and Hawaii have less. Other states include: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin. The District of Columbia differs from the federal amount of 260, as well. 

As a payroll professional, especially one in charge of multi-state compliance, knowing the amount of work days for any given state in any given year may pose a challenge. That’s where a tax engine steps up to bat. Unless otherwise stated, the Symmetry Tax Engine assumes the mandate 260 federal amount. The above mentioned states are researched and then hard coded into the system to ensure the correct rate. Through this logic, the accurate number is always possible.

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