Payroll Point

Local Taxes? Reciprocity Agreements? Nexus? No Problem.

Payroll Point is an online tool that reduces stress for payroll managers by delivering a detailed withholding tax list using an employee’s residence and work addresses. Several versions exist to fit the needs of anyone: Payroll Point Pro, Payroll Point Batch, and Payroll Point Web Services.
Payroll Point eliminates the ache of several payroll issues. Have employees living in one state, but working in another? Headquartered in a state with complicated locals? Did your newest employee provide an incomplete address? All these problems will be a breeze thanks to Payroll Point's powerful geocoding capabilities. With Batch, you can process a group of addresses at once, making it useful for conversions, audits, and data-cleansing.
What's even cooler: It feeds directly into your payroll system via XML in a simple, easy-to-read manner.  Not to mention, it's easy to connect, and you can try it for free here

Ease of Mind

Nexus and reciprocity are considered with every input, so even employees who live in one state and work in another can be onboarded correctly.


The Local Tax Struggle is Over

Latitude and longitude coordinates are compared to complex tax boundary shape files, delivering even the most complicated locals.


​Installation Free

With Payroll Point Pro, there's no installation to your local machines. Everything is done on the web - and quickly!

Payroll Point FAQs

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