Starkey Laboratories | Local Tax Identifier Success Story
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"This software is great for payroll professionals. It’s taken a lot of work and guess work out of processing taxes for employees."
Sadie Sandstrom, Payroll Analyst

The Challenge

Starkey Laboratories is the world’s leader in manufacturing hearing implants for countless people in need. With a total of three companies and 4,000 employees spanning across the United States, determining local taxes proved to be problematic. Factor in nexus in Pennsylvania and PA ACT 32 and the problems only grew. Because of the nature of multi-state compliance, the payroll team faced issues with local tax settings, to the point some employee paychecks had to be voided to correct tax issues. Another challenge? The payroll team, while intelligent and driven, consists of just four members.

The Search

The payroll team at Starkey Laboratories knew they needed a tool to aid in their conquest of local taxes. After looking for a solution, opportunity knocked on their door – or rather, called. Symmetry Software Business Developer Manager Frank Tresnak contacted a payroll member at Starkey Laboratories on a routine prospecting day. After discussing the workload and subsequent pain points, Tresnak determined Payroll Point – Symmetry’s local tax identifier – would eradicate many of the team’s woes by providing accurate geo-location for all home and work addresses.

"Even after being on the software for some time, Frank [Tresnak] will reach out to just make sure everything is great"- Sadie Sandstrom, Payroll Analyst

Starkey's Solution: Payroll Point

Starkey Laboratories was offered a free trial of of Payroll Point for 30 days, and within 30 days, knew they needed the software. Payroll Point was the right product to finally conquer the issues that arose from confusing local taxes. Tresnak further proved the value of the product – and Symmetry as a whole – by being extremely responsive to any and all issues. If the system challenged the Starkey team, Tresnak was able to get them up and running within a matter of minutes. With Payroll Point fully integrated into their regime, the Starkey team no longer fears voids of paychecks – because the local taxes of each and every employee are determined with extreme accuracy from the get go. The ability to determine the taxes of an employee who works in one state but lives in another was another added benefit for the nationwide lab.

About Starkey:

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