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Payroll Experts Case Study
"Tax compliance is not an exciting area for most businesses but with the tools made available by Symmetry Software I actually enjoy dealing with it now."
Jason Roth, Founder and President

The Challenge

Payroll Experts has a workforce of 45 in two states, but is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of 40,000 client employees nationwide. With 1,500 active clients, their relationships stretch across all 50 U.S. states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Because of this, Payroll Experts needs to remain regulatory compliant, timely, and secure. 

The Search

Jason Roth, founder and president of Payroll Experts, knew he needed help calculating and answering the paycheck questions of his growing workforce. After meeting Symmetry account executive Isaac Dallago in a chance encounter in Phoenix, they reconnected in 2010 at a Metro Phoenix American Payroll Association Chapter and discussed the benefits of Calculators by Symmetry. By 2012, Payroll Experts licensed Calculators by Symmetry. After realizing the value of Symmetry’s products, Payroll Experts licensed Symmetry Payroll Forms in 2014, and most recently, Payroll Point. 

"Symmetry Software makes it easy and provides a great peace of mind."- Jason Roth, Founder and President 

Payroll Experts’ Solution: Calculators by Symmetry, Payroll Point, Symmetry Payroll Forms 

Payroll Experts decide to license Symmetry’s products – Calculators, and Payroll Point specifically – to help their clients with tax determinations. Prior to finding Symmetry, Payroll Experts’ clients dealt with compliance errors and fines due to errors when making figuring employee tax jurisdictions. The Symmetry Payroll Forms On-Premise product allowed Payroll Experts to create and debut their paperless employee onboarding solution known as “LiftOff” – allowing client employees to have a productive, energizing first day rather than a paper-filled marathon. 

About Payroll Experts:

Payroll Experts mission is to provide accurate, easy-to-use and forward-thinking solutions that are compliant and secure; supported by a highly-knowledgeable team that is caring, proactive and responsive to our clients and their employee’s needs.


Payroll Point, Calculators by Symmetry, Symmetry Payroll Forms

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