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HRWorx Case study
"We have been providing onboarding to the federal government for the past 12 years and our biggest pain point, by far, was maintaining the W-4 tax forms. With Symmetry Software’s product, we no longer have that problem!”
Rob Hankey, CEO

The Challenge

Onboarding an employee is perhaps one of the most critical components of his or her future success at a company. HRworx intensified this challenge by specializing in onboarding federal employees. They built a product – Intelleworx: Onboarding - that acclimates new employees to company culture and everything else that ensures he or she will have a successful career. An important part of this process is correctly identifying and maintaining the proper W-4s – the necessary tax document that allows employers to withhold the correct federal income tax from employee pay. 

The Search

According to HRworx CEO Rob Hankey, keeping up with annual changes made to W-4s over the 12 years he and his staff of 15 have been working on Intelleworx: Onboarding was a challenge. Prior to licensing Symmetry Payroll Forms in 2014, Hankey and his team searched high and low for a vendor that provided withholding forms. Intelleworx: Onboarding generates forms “that can be shared with other systems or used to populate a wide variety of digital forms which can be printed or stored in integrated document management solutions.” 

"HRworx has had a great working relationship with the entire Symmetry Software team. They worked hard to get the product to where we needed it to be for the government market."- Rob Hankey, Founder and CEO

HRworx's Solution: Symmetry Payroll Forms 

With Symmetry Payroll Forms (SPF), the experience is completely paperless, automated, and consistently updated: Everything Hankey and HRworx wanted. With its completely digital form and extended capabilities, SPF easily integrated with HRworx’s system. The moment HRworx realized SPF could connect within their system simply, the partnership was solidified. Symmetry Software’s technical staff was working closely with HRworx’s even before they fully licensed the product. After the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed, it didn’t take long for HRworx to have its new W-4s up and running within Intelleworx: Onboarding. Symmetry Software, led by Business Development Manager Frank Tresnak, worked tirelessly to ensure HRworx would be compliant, and ready to help onboard within the government market. 

About HRworx:

HRworx is a privately-held, veteran-owned small business.  Founded in 2003, HRworx builds innovative software that brings order and automation to complex processes. HRworx prides itself in providing more than just mere customer service.  The professional services team is committed to ensuring that every Intelleworx implementation results in significant improvement to our customers’ ability to get the job done. The support team is founded upon the principles of forming long term relationships with our customers and doing whatever is necessary to find solutions quickly.


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