Calculators by Symmetry

White Label Paycheck Calculator

Employees always asking questions about their paychecks? 

Calculators by Symmetry are payroll tax modeling calculators that can be placed into your website. Each package, standard or premium, comes with our full collection of Symmetry calculators and tools and is available as widgets or through an API. 

Unique to the product is the ability to completely customize as your own white label paycheck calculator. Do you want your paycheck calculator to be blue? Done. Want to preset a state for payroll purposes? We can do it. Need to pass your employee data into the payroll tax calculator via JSON? You got it.

You paste the widget code we give you into your site, along with a unique key, and your calculators are ready for use. If you select the API option, it's also a cut and paste job - but this offers the added benefit of being 100% stateless. Build an entire interface around it. Make it striped. Code some cool animations. Go crazy! 

The API performs the tax calculations and returns the information in JSON data, which is displayed however you want. If you love the way our calculators already look, go for the widget. You drop it in and you're done. With either version, your payroll department can free up time by directing employees to your calculators. 

​Complete Customization

Change the background color, font color, style, or pre-set values with the widgets or use the API to build a unique interface.


​Full Set of Paycheck Calculators

Each package - standard or premium - comes with our full set of paycheck calculators.


​Responsive Design

The widget and the API are both responsive, meaning your employees can access the paycheck calculators anywhere.

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