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The Symmetry Tax Engine®

The Symmetry Tax Engine® is the brains behind the calculations at For over 25 years, Symmetry has provided the tax calculation engine for millions of paychecks calculated every payday. For software developers, the Symmetry Tax Engine® is a logical component of your payroll application. Virtually every community in America has employees whose paycheck withholding calculations are computed by a Symmetry Tax Engine®. Why not go with the leader? The tax team managing can also keep your tax tables up-to-date.

The Symmetry Tax Engine®(STE) calculates payroll withholding taxes for: Federal, FICA (Social Security and Medicare), state withholdings for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and US Territories, and various other payroll related withholdings. Symmetry Software supports customers with timely and accurate updates and supporting documentation.

Wrappers for C, .NET, ASP and JAVA environments are included in The Symmetry Tax Engine®. All calculations are check date based, applying the date appropriate rates and tables. Whenever there is an update to the STE, you are notified by email and you download the changes directly from the Symmetry website. License terms allow you to re-distribute the STE with your application; talk with your Symmetry representative for details.

The Symmetry Tax Engine® feature package includes:

Employer taxes functionality: Calculates Employer Costs for FUTA, SUTA and other state employer taxes, as well as applying successor rules
Multi-State/Reciprocity calculations: Calculates state withholding taxes applying the Resident State and Work State(s) settings and state reciprocity arrangements to the calculation.
Local taxes capability with Symmetry's proprietary Location Code Service: Computes Local withholding amounts for City, County, School District Taxes and other Local Jurisdictions. The Location Code Service uses the latest geo-coding technology whereby precise taxes are computed base upon an employee's resident address and work address.

To learn more about licensing The Symmetry Tax Engine® and to obtain a time-limited trial version of the STE, complete this inquiry form or contact Symmetry Software at 480-596-1500.

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