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get the latest payroll gear

This web based service allows you to quickly and easily deploy over 100 federal, state and local forms as Employee Self-Service forms.
Payroll and Tax Research information offered in lookup and article formats. Also a free Payroll-only bulletin board for discussion.
A powerful online tool that allows payroll professionals to get the right taxes, THE FIRST TIME. Users simply enter a person's resident address and work address. With one click all the associated payroll withholding taxes for that employee are displayed.

   software development tools

Symmetry Tax Engine

The perfect solution for Developers that need payroll taxes calculated
in their applications.
The Symmetry Tax Engine™(STE) calculates payroll withholding taxes for: Federal, FICA (Social Security and Medicare), state withholdings for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and US Territories, select local taxes, and optionally various other payroll related withholdings. Symmetry Software supports customers with timely and accurate updates and supporting documentation. For over 20 years, Symmetry has provided the tax calculation engine for millions of paychecks calculated every payday.

Symmetry Payroll Forms On-Premise
Symmetry Payroll Forms is ideal for organizations that want to integrate electronic withholding forms into their HR/Payroll system. Symmetry’s on-premise version consists of a Web Application Archive (.war file) of the Federal W-4 and W-5 forms, all state withholding certificate forms, local withholding forms, and documentation that explains the data loading and unloading processes. It also includes the Multi-State wizard for determination of Residence and Work State Forms. The Forms include field- and form-level validation to reduce errors and all worksheet calculations are automated and built-in.

Calculators by Symmetry
Unmatched online tools to better manage your paycheck. Perfect for individuals as well as payroll professionals and company administrators.

Customized Employee Self Service
Calculator Data integrated paycheck calculators via XML technology.

Tax Notification Service
Many payroll and HR professionals have limited time to stay current with the rapidly changing payroll withholding tax landscape; that is why Symmetry introduced the Notification Service. Our full time staff Tax Analysts constantly monitor research sites using automated tools to determine and implement changes. We send you an email whenever there is a payroll tax change. The Notification Service allows you to scan recent changes and connect directly to the supporting documentation.


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