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Symmetry Software specializes in payroll and payroll-related software applications for the internet and corporate intranets. The Symmetry Tax Engine® is highly regarded for its precise accuracy and speed. Symmetry was founded by software pioneer, Tom Reahard in 1984. Tom is directly responsible for the development of 20 different accounting products on 10 different platforms including the first comprehensive PC-based payroll system. Today, Symmetry is a software development company with a high level of expertise in taxation and accounting applications with a focus towards payroll. Our team of software engineers and taxation experts provide leading edge, regulatory compliant payroll software products.

Our Timeline

1984 Tom Reahard founds Teknon Corporation

In the mid to late 80s, Teknon Corporation is creating small business accounting software, which is licensed to larger software companies such as BPI Systems.

1989 Teknon begins doing business as Symmetry Software

Symmetry launches its first major product. AtOnce!, integrated small business accounting for the Macintosh, is picked up by Peachtree Software (now Sage 50.) At the same time, sales of Acta, a task organization tool, take off in Japan.

1995 Symmetry releases NetPayPlus, the original Symmetry paycheck calculator

NetPayPlus is the paycheck calculator in disk form, which allows users to quickly and easily calculate "what if" scenarios to see the impact on their take home pay. The technology behind NetPayPlus will later become the web-based PaycheckCity®.

1996 Symmetry makes freely available the tax resources behind each of our products

Symmetry becomes a leader in the "freemium" business model, giving away free of charge its tax research tools through the website. Three additional Symmetry products will go on to offer a free product version: PaycheckCity® , Payroll Point®, and

1997 The Tax Table Library emerges as an in-demand product

Companies purchase and subscribe to annual updates to the Tax Table Library. The Tax Table Library allows customers to calculate payroll taxes within their own software applications.

1997 VersionMaster helps customers keep their software applications up to date

Symmetry develops VersionMaster, an application that checks consumer's software editions and reports back which updates are available. The precursor to modern software updates, VersionMaster is retired once web-based software update notification is introduced.

1999® launches

Originally designed to show the capabilities of the Tax Table Library,® quickly builds popularity among payroll professionals as a game-changing tool. PaycheckCity® soon grows from five basic "what if" scenario calculators to multiple specialized calculators for a diverse set of situations. The launch of PaycheckCity® marks a return for Symmetry to its payroll roots and an expansion of Symmetry's customer base from small businesses to large corporations as well.

2001 Symmetry begins providing private-label calculators to corporations

Sales of private-label calculators take off as employers begin integrating PaycheckCity® customized calculators into their Employee Self Service portals. These online calculators can mirror exactly what employee pay stubs look like, making it easy and efficient for employees to explore "what if" scenarios on their take home pay.

2003 The Symmetry Forms Product debuts at the American Payroll Association Congress

The Employee Exemption Certificate Software Development Kit (EEC SDK) becomes the first forms solution to host every single state and local tax withholding form, virtually eliminating the paper shuffling, expense, and errors associated with traditional Form W-4 processing.

2003 At the request of its customers, Symmetry begins hosting the Forms product launches as the hosted solution for the over 100 state and local withholding forms. Using the EEC SDK capabilities, Symmetry forms now function as employee self-service forms.

2006 Symmetry unveils the Symmetry Tax Engine®

The Symmetry Tax Engine takes over for the Tax Table Library. A bigger, more powerful, and more sophisticated engine begins powering all of the Symmetry products. Enhanced employer features run more calculations, at higher amounts than before. The Symmetry Tax Engine® is the force behind millions of American's paychecks every week.

2010 Payroll Point® Launches

Symmetry becomes the first company to use true geocoding to pinpoint the correct state and local taxes based on an employee's home and work addresses. Saving thousands of hours in research, Payroll Point® becomes the new must-have product for payroll professionals.

2011 Payroll Point® Web Service debuts

Building on the success of Payroll Point®, Symmetry begins delivering details about payroll withholding tax jurisdictions, rates, and values in an XML structure.

2013 Symmetry Payroll Forms Unveiled

Symmetry continues to lead in the payroll field with the launch of Symmetry Payroll Forms, guided withholding forms. The easiest and most accurate way for employees to complete exemption certificates, Symmetry Payroll Forms automates every step of the payroll withholding forms process.

Symmetry Software is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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